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Necromancers detailed guide
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 8:46 PM | Message # 1
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Welcome to the necromancers detailed guide.

This guide will teach you,how to play a necro in Abyss PvP server.

Necromancers were the most powerful class in c4...while people
thing that it is shit on Interlude,I still find it very powerful.
Necromancer already is a powerful class,but with a skilled
player it will become invincible.

All the information you are going to see is a bit complicated at
the beginning but after playing necro a long time they will become
easy to handle.

Most people who play necromancers only use Curse Gloom and Death Spike,
this is boooooriiing.Necromancers have so many good skills and I dont
see any reason that why these skills should be wasted.

Ok lets start with the simple thing like DYES.
If your playstyle is without songs like Song of Vitality and
Chant of Vicroty,and you have high casting you should make
+4INT +5WIT -9MEN since when you already have a low HP you dont lose
much hp if you dont add +4 CON and you will get a nice amount of
casting speed even with only adding +1WIT.If you play +5WIT than its
better to use Berzeker buff.

Other playstyle that I am using is +4CON +4WIT +4INT -8MEN.
This should be used if you are using Chant of Victory and
Song of Vitality and you will get a nice amount of HP and
You have a bit more resistance to Stun.Although you lose a bit
Casting Speed since you dont make +5WIT,Hp gaining covers all the

Now what would be the best buffing set?

Well I think that the best buffing set would be:
1.Empower 2.Acumen 3.Shield 4.Greater Shield 5.Mental Shield
6.Bless the Body 7.Concetration 8.Chant of Victory
9.Magic Barrier 10.Noblesse buff 11.Dance of Mystic
12.Dance of Concetration 13.Song of Earth 14.Song of Vitality
15.Song of Warding 16.Wind Walk and then you can choose,if
you take Unholy Resistance and Elemental Protection as your
2 final buffs or you can take 2 malaria curses instead of them.
You should have atleast 2 free spaces incase someone curses you and
that you can use your mana potions.

Unholy Resistance-Its is PP buff that gives 30% resistance agaisnt
dark arracks...or if you dont have your own PP and youre too lazy
to run from 1 buffer to another you can just use Song of Invocation
that gives 20% reistance agaisnt dark attacks.
Elemental Protection-Useful PP3 buff that gives 30% resistance
agaisnt fire and 20% agaisnt wind,earth and water.

And believe me with these buffs even when you have +0Maj yewerly
set you are a freakin tank.And there is no point to put urself full
if dark defence buffs because the best thing is Balance.
(People usually hit me 200-350 damage to me and 200-350 damage to summon).

Added (2007-12-24, 1:44 Pm)
Now what set should you use?

Of course DC robe set,it adds nice casting and the main thing is
that it adds 8% P def.Since you already have a high M ded that is
absolutely enough you need to fix your P def too because Balance
in your stats is the best thing.Plus it also helps a bit agaisnt
spell interruption and it adds speed too.

Now lets talk about weapons...

Seriously dont be sad that you dont have some overenchanted Som or
Arcana mace,because Som+3 is completely enough to own all
Ok heres the thing:Well since you usually make around 1300 damage to
unbuffed players and 600-900 damage to buffed players I made a test
to prove you that there isnt much big difference between Som+3 and
Arcana mace+3.

Ok for excample I have a B grade weapon and I have 1330 M attack,
I hit NPC with damage 940...remember that.
Now I take Som+3 and turn Arcane Power on that makes me 2211 M attack.
That means my M attack now is 60% higher than before.
And now I hit NPC with 1212 damage...
Although I had 60% more M attack than before I made only 22.5%
more damage than before.Well yes it is atleast something but
not MUCH.I can completely handle with my Som+3

What damage skill should I use?

Simple,because of the new retarded mana pots you should use
Vortex and gives weakness to dark attack and Death Spike
that takes 50MP.Although if some people dont want to wait for Death
Spike reuse time and want to use Vampiric Claw meanwhile remember that
it costs you 123 MP.You can start to use Vampiric Claw when you have CP
down and your enemy starts to damage your HP since Vampiric Claw
drains 60% of hp from the damage you made,but remember that your
enemy must have CP down too...

Ok now lets move on to the most important thing,SKILLS.

Ok I am gonna explain you all necromancers skills and how useful
they actually are.

1.Curse Gloom-ALWAYS AND ALWAYS start PvP with Curse Gloom because
you can cast it only with like 0.3 seconds and it had high land rate.
It lowers your enemys M def around 20% so if he had 1000 m def then with
Curse Gloom he had around 800 and all your following curses on him
has higher landing rate.

2.Sleep-Ok since its Interlude now sleep is simply SHIT,I dont see
any possible reason that why should I waste 3-4 secons on that shit
in pvp that may not even land or will get interrupted.

3.Silence-Well its is your decision if you have time to use it and if
you can decide if your enemy had high m def or not.Silence resist is
based on MEN.

4.Curse of Doom-It has same landing rate as Silence and its resist is
based on MEN too...the difference is that when it lands it blocks all
magical AND psyhical it is kinda useful against dagger
for excample and on them it lands pretty well.Meanwhile silence lasts
on your enemy for 30 seconds,Curse of Doom lasts Way longer.

5.Curse Poison-When Curse of Doom and Silence has success rate 0.80
then Curse Postion has 0.70 which is kinda good I guess,but damage this
posion makes simply sux.And it is hard to posion players with high CON
since CON resists poison.

6.Posionous Cloud-This is same as Curse Poison but it damages you
way more...but the crappy thing is that its landing rate is 0.35.
And like Curse Posion CON reists this too.

7.Curse Death Link-This skill is only for people who have fast reactions.
The lower hp you have the more damage you make so when you are starting
to die,be fast.

8.Anchor-Very useful skill because it has daaaaamn good landing rate.
I anchor people with like 70-80% with it.
Doesnt matter is he has Mental Shield or 1500+ M def,Anchor always
lands the same...useful against all warriors,but dont bother urself
Anchoring player hwo has Dark Crystal set.You can use Anchor whenever
you feel to,in middle of PvP of when when u have a bit more time to cast
it(when he tryes to run or smth).

Added (2007-12-24, 1:45 Pm)
9.Curse disease-Very useful agaisnt healers in mass PvP or when there is
Healer+someone vs you.It has high landing rate and it lowers healers
healing power by 50%.So when he healed him and his friend with 1300 HP
then now he heals only 650.So Curse Gloom+Curse Disease+Nude healer down
and then kill his friend.You have time to kill healer because remember:
with the right buffs ur a fucking tank.

10.Curse Weakness-Useful,useful and useful.Range is 600 which isnt bad.
Its is Very good skill agaisnt archers.So EVERYTIME you PvP vs archer,
waste a freaking 0.3 seconds to curse it on him and he makes u 13-15%
lower damage after that and it has high land rate...and when I say
good landing rate means that I land it like 95%.
Another good thing about these curses is that archers are fully buffed
and they have only maybe 1 free slot that is filled with HP potion
already.It debuffs their buff bar.

11.Curse of Abyss-Always use it agaisnt mages when you reach range 600.
It has kinda good landing rate and it gimps your opponent as hell.
Only use it against mages.It makes around -30% M attack,-20% Casting and
-10% speed.Oh and if you PvP agaisnt a player named "Dreamaker" remember
That Curse of Abyss lowers magical critical chance alot.

12.Curse Chaos-Well I know know that it lowers your enemys Accuracy
by around 12%.So when he had 114 Accuraccy then now he has 101 and I think
that this is MUCH although I havent checked if they are starting
to miss me when I use it.But hey...+1 debuff to his buff bar biggrin

13.Mass Warrior Bane-GOOD skill although I havent noticed that it makes my
enemy much slower or smth.But it has fast casting and its reuse is like
5-7 seconds and it lands 100%.Its removes Haste and Wind Walk buffs 100%
Useful agaisnt daggers that makes their skill reuse slower...or some
other classes.

14.Mass Mage Bane-Ok now I dont have even any fucking idea why only 5%
if all necros actually use it ffs.Although its range is small,lets say
around 200.It is freaking overpower skill.It has same reuse and casting
speed as Mass Warrior bane and it removes mages 2 MAIN buffs,bye bye
Empower and bye bye Acumen...and landing is 100%.After that your CP
potion recovery is faster than their damage even when you use Maj +0

15.Arcane power-Well I think it actually is kinda useful skill but
I dont like it since its a damn fucking big HP eater.But it adds
much M attack but remember that M attack doesnt affect damage SO much.

Ok done with skills...I know it seems to be a bit complicated to use all
those skills and different situations but the longer u play necro
the more easyer it seems later.

How to use potions? -.-

Very simple...ALWAYS and ALWAYS spam ur CP pots and now CP pots have
like 2 times faster reuse then before.Use all features in PvP that the
game can offer u and dont listen some idiots who insult u of using
CP or their faulr if they are so stupid and not using them.

HP pots should be used when you are running away or your enemy is running
away from u and u have free time and free buff slots...use Greater Healing
Mana pots-Since now mana pots serously suck use them every time they are
ready to be used...u can use them when there is 5 seconds left til
mana potion effect will end.Use them in middle of pvp always if you
dont want to run out of mana fast.

Elixirs of CP-Although its reuse is 5 minutes it is still better than
nothing because it adds 1200 cp and it is useufil in hard situations.
Use all features that the game can offer u.

Ok now its time for your summons.

You have 3 summons but I would say that Reanimated Man is most useful
since he has higher hp than others and remember that higher hp=longer
Transfer Pain.The buffs thet Reanimated man should always have are HP buffs.
My +9 Reanimated man with Cov+BtB and Song of Vitality has 15 000 HP,so
im not gonna run out of Transfer Pain anytime soon.
If you dont have a chance to buff your summon with attack and def buffs,
leave him inside safe zone before you dont want him to die fast do u?
But better thing is to buff summon because fully buffed summon stats
of Reanimated man are(without berz):

HP-13661 P.Atk-3017(thats right,like a fukin archer)
P.Def-919 M.Def-1010
Crit Rate-100 Atk.Spd-510

With critical damage buffs its critical power is around 5 times better
damage than normal hit.

Added (2007-12-24, 1:45 Pm)
So use your summon in pvp because it is seriously useful.
And the best skill you should enchant is REANIMATED MAN.

It is hard to control ur summon and u at the same time but from time to time
it becomes easier.

You(Tank with shitty loads if useful curses and gloom helps u take make better damage)
and your summon with 13-15k hp with high P attack=ZERG

How to PvP agaisnt other classes?

Archers-With full buff Like I described before and with +5 DC robe set
you will get around 1300 P def and with Transfer pain its like you
have 2600 P def without summon ffs.
Gloom+Curse Weakness and Curse Chaos if u wish and he is gimp.
Shining +20 hit me for 1700-1900 and Shining+20 hit me for around
1300-1400.And with my 7k hp I need pretty many criticals to take me down lol.
And I use CP pots at the same time.
Because there is such thing as SHIELD BLOCK even for mages.
If archer hit u with critical max 4451 damage,then when your shield blocks
it his damage is only 3187.And although it says that it blocks with
20% chance I have noticed that the rate is actually higher.
And remember that shueld blocks only from front for mages.

2.Daggers-Number One Rule Of All Ages:NEVER EVER show your back to
a dagger.Running away from daggers is just STUPID.Daggers make most
of their damage from behind.Their blows land all from behind.
When you dont show your back they only land maybe 1 blow of 3-4 blows
and even these have low damage.Golden Rule Number 2:When daggers
use "Bluff" skill is the moment when they are making their most damage
Use whatever curse u want on him or just double click on him just
to turn around as fast as u can is the most important thing.
After that they are gimped.

3.Necromancers-We as I said only 5% of all necros actually use
Mass Mage Bane or Curse of Abyss so this is your chance to kill them
Most necros usually take their unbuffed 2 shot summons out with them
so make sure u kill summon 1st.
Just Gloom+Curse of Abyss,then remember that u have dark resist and
M def of a tank and your CP potion revovery is a BIT slower than
his damage to u if u have bad yewels,just run near him and use Mass
Mage Bane...but remember that after that run back to higher range in
case his little brain started to work and thought that:hey,why dont
I never use that skill.
Same against for a bit more exprienced necros.Just make sure that you manage
to use Curse of Abyss on him 1st and then run near him and try to make
him to forget to use Mass mage Bane when ur near him,once u have used Bane
run to bigger range.And debuffs to his buff bar like debuffs for warriors
are always welcome xD.

4.Tanks-Dont use any other skills expect Curse Gloom on them because
their Reflect Curses skills is simply bad for u.You will get debuffed
by your own curses.Just gloom and Nuke him.

5.Spellsingers-Well now that why you need elemental protection.
It is simple:Gloom+nuke,there is no possible way that he can kill u
when u have Transfer Pain on and when ur summmon is hitting him with its
3000 P attack.But remember that when he is trying to run to range 600
for cancel use Curse of Abyss at the same time.Cancel is fucked up
in Interlude anyways.

Other classes should be easyer.

Oh and when a Dark Avanger comes to hit u with his panther,remember that
panther has like 3 times better P attack than its master but 3 times
lower M def and hp,so who would u kill 1st? biggrin

And I would recommend you not to 1 vs 1 because it is simply boring...
When you are already a bit more experienced you start start
with several players vs you and its fun.

Necromancers are already strong class,but with experineced players
who are taking all advantages being a necro they will become

Thx for reading and have fun!
And Merry Christmas from ingame nick:Legend

If I notice that I forgot smth I add it.

Added (2007-12-24, 1:46 Pm)
What do you think about the guide?

Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 8:56 PM | Message # 2
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nothing to do?)

//too big sugnature
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 8:59 PM | Message # 3
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Nop xD
gangDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:00 PM | Message # 4
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OMG nice btw for my Necro is proof for children (owned.pwned.pfff i kill u.u are to weak for my)

Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:01 PM | Message # 5
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I use MA set+6 and som+9.. so?) I'm noob?) 99% silence 99% COD 99% anchor, -200 casting speed +1k m atk +50% resistance to stun and 1.5k p def.

//too big sugnature
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:03 PM | Message # 6
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These are only your stats baby wink

Pm Legend ingame for 1 vs 1 I want to see your 99% Silence :P

I think its just so lame to hide urself behind ur high stats and equipment pretending ur skilled :P

Message edited by Reemet - Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:04 PM
Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:07 PM | Message # 7
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hm.. I silenced man with zaken&+10 tat ;p everytime
about arcane power.. just learn to use it optimal

Added (2007-12-24, 2:07 Pm)
if u think that I'm noob and only have good equi - u're wrong. I played necro around 2 years as main class

//too big sugnature
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:07 PM | Message # 8
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I said pm Legend ingame for 1 vs 1 xD

And I didnt say nothing about u...

Just dont mention too much that what equip u have and so on...its disturbing.

Message edited by Reemet - Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:08 PM
Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:08 PM | Message # 9
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"much M attack but remember that M attack doesnt affect damage SO much"
know that success rate of skills depends of M atk? ^^ just u calls to dont use AP and get sux m atk, but more casting speed)

//too big sugnature

Message edited by Intens1ty - Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:10 PM
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:11 PM | Message # 10
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Curse landing is affected by INT not by M attack itself...or maybe a bit but INT is the largest factor.

And as I already said pm Legend ingame xDD

Just a friendly pvp to see how your silence lands me.

Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:12 PM | Message # 11
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Just dont mention too much that what equip u have and so on...its disturbing

ok nvm about ++
just look:
DC adds casting speed and move speed
MA adds m atk, antistun and has more p def. - my choise

//too big sugnature
ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:13 PM | Message # 12
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Everyone knows and everyone says that Major Arcana set is totally failed :P
I pvpd with a necro that had Major Arcana set and Is+emp+16 and I won...

When he took dc robe set and +++++ Som I lost.

Message edited by Reemet - Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:15 PM
Intens1tyDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:14 PM | Message # 13
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I don't make my opinion at words of another people.

//too big sugnature
dem0n222Date: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:26 PM | Message # 14
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Quote (Reemet)
HP pots should be used when you are running away or your enemy is running
away from u and u have free time and free buff slots...use Greater Healing

As I know Greater Healing Pots doesn't take any buff slot atm, but they are like Chant of Life.

Quote (Reemet)
Shining +20 hit me for 1700-1900 and Shining+20 hit me for around

Same Shining makes diferent damage? Nice. lol.

Was Very ConclaveLegion Proud member))
Conclave Proud Clan Member.
Member of C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S.

ReemetDate: Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:35 PM | Message # 15
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I meant shining +12 and +20
Every person would figure out that I mean +12 and +20 -.-
Or u knew that I meant +12 +20 but egoism is takin u over? -.-

Message edited by Reemet - Monday, 2007-12-24, 9:36 PM

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