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Bandit Stronghold siege rules
RavionDate: Thursday, 2007-07-12, 4:47 PM | Message # 1
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Copied from official site...

Bandit Stronghold

In order to participate in a battle to occupy the Bandit Stronghold clan hall, the head of a clan of level 4 or above must complete a quest within a certain time before the clan hall battle begins. Only the first five clans that complete the quest first can participate. Also, the number of clan members that can participate per clan is limited to 18 people (2 parties).

Once the decision is made to participate in the clan battle, the clan leader must register the 18 clan members and select the NPC that he will protect. Clans that currently occupy the clan hall must register the 18 clan members to participate in the defense.

The date and time of the clan hall battle can be confirmed through the NPC outside the Bandit Stronghold.

In the elimination match, the five selected clans must protect their own NPCs while removing the NPCs of the other clans. When entering the clan hall, each camp can be distinguished by the colors of the banners standing in front and the participants must wait in front of their respective banner. Once the elimination match starts, the NPCs appears below the banner and start to move toward the center to participate in the battle. The NPC of a clan has the same mark as the clan.

This battle is a free-for-all during a fixed time period until only one clan remains. If the NPC under protection dies, then the clan members are all teleported out of the clan hall. The battle finishes when the last NPC is still remaining in the end.

If the limit time (20 minutes) is exceeded and two NPCs or more remain, then everyone is teleport out and the previous owner of the clan hall is regarded as having successfully defended without even having a final battle. Once the clan hall battle starts, players not qualified to participate are all kicked outside the clan hall.

The clan that owns the clan hall must wait in the peace zone inside the clan hall during the elimination match.

The two clans in the final battle are teleported to the center of the clan hall and the rules and method of carrying out are the same as the elimination match. However, the final battle does not have a time limit. If there is no clan hall owner, then the winner of the elimination match comes to own the clan hall without there being a final battle.

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