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UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:04 AM | Message # 1
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
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Diego Vargas:

[Vitality system]
A system that adds bonus experience was added depending on the vitality level of the character.
Vitality points are collected under the following conditions: A player has not logged in for a peroid of time, a player is sitting in a peace zone for ane xtended peroid, a player is parti-_-'ting in siege or raid.
Vitality points are transferred to subclasses when a character change occurs.

[General Combat System]
Song and Dance buffs now have their own buff bar.
Player and Monster melee range increased slightly.
Target location and the relationship with the attacker now affects damage bonus.
Long range physical attacks now have a distance differential to damage.
The poison and the bleedind damage has been increased.
Duration of debuff is modified by the targets defense rating against that debuff type.
The rate at which players hit or evade attacks has been changed to make a gap between accuracy and evasion more significant.

[Changes to Existing Skills]

Effect has been added for skills

Deflect Arrow: Now reduces damage from cross bows.
Real Target: Range increased to 900, bow/cross bow damage increase reduced.
Bleed: Movement speeed reduction has been added.
Queen of Kat, Unicorn Seraphim, Shadow Knight has been added.
Queen of Kat: Blessed Body Effect, Blessed Soul Effect, Haste Effect
Unicorn Seraphim: Acumen Effect, Clarity Effect,, Empower Effect, Wild Magic effect
Shadow Knight: Death Whisper Effect, Focus Effect, Guidance Effect

Other skill changes

Shield mastery: Further increase the effectiveness of shield defense and if wearing heavy armor also increases main pdef while using a shield.
Armor Mastery (Warrior & Kamael): MP regeneration increased.
Soul collection: Kamaels now can hold 40 souls.
Protection of Rune,Alignment,Elements: increased defensive properties for both passive and active effects.
Fighters/Archers Will: normal effect increased and increased the rate the rate at which skills critical for double damage while the buff is active.
Cleanse: Raid curse can no longer be removed.
Wild Magic (Buff): Magic critical rate has been reduced.
Wild Magic (Items): Magic critical rate has been reduced
Dance of Siren: Magic critical rate has been reduced.
Force Barrier, Sonic Barrier, Celestial Shield, Flames of Invincibility, Sublime Sacrifice, Lesser Celestial Shield, Talisman of Invincibility: Beneficial effects can now be applied to one self.
Summon Soullless: The caster MP DoT is now removed.
Furious Soul: The evasion penalty is removed.
Changes to casting time.
Escape Shackle, Cure Poison and Cure bleeding cast faster now.

Changes to skill duration.

Dodge Attack: Increased to 10 seconds instead of 5.
Counter Attack: Increased to 10 seconds instead of 5.

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:04 AM | Message # 2
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
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Changes to skill power

Proximity to the target now affects the overall power of a physical skill and its MP consumption.
Physical attack skills have overall increased skill power.
Physical attack skills have an overall decrease in MP consumption.
All physical attack skills now have over-hit capability.

MP Consumption of the following toggles are increased:
Soul Cry
Silent Move
Guard Stance
Soul Guard
Vicious Stance
Shield Fortress
Parry Stance
War Frenzy
True Berserker
Strike Back
Hard March

Changes to magic damage

Magic damage now applies a random variance between minimum and maximum damage.
Depending on the type of weapon the damage variance of spells changes.

Changes to Kamael Spirit Consumption

Skills that use charged souls to enhance the skill have been changed.

Magic Critical Hits

The ratio at which a magic critical hit occures unbuffed has been increased more then 10 times.
Magic Critical hit damage is reduced from 4x to 3x.
Magic Critical hit chance capped at 20%.

[New skills]

Vanguard combat stance (transformation effect with no appearence change) (L43)
This skill allows the player to effectively equip dual swords or 2h weapons.
The following skills become available:
Full Swing - Attack the area around a target with a 2h Sword, bypassing shield defense.
Tornado Double Chop - Attack the areana around a target with a dual sword, bypassing shield defense.
Power Chop - Powerful single target attack with a 2h weapon, bypassing shield defense.
Power Double Slash - Powerfil single target attack with a dual sword, bypassing shield defense.

Inquisitor combat stance (transformation effect with no appearence change) (L44)
The following skills become available:
Divine Punishment - Single target low mp cost fast reset holy attribute nuke. Power 57.
Surrender to Divine - Strips resist holy and reduces holy defense by -20, strengthens targets darkness by +20.
Divine Curse - Prevents the target from receiving healing and applies a DoT effect to the target.
Divine Turmoil - Powerful area holy attack. Power 90.

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:05 AM | Message # 3
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
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Abyss Walker
Evade ??(L74) - During a successfull evade, at a certain probability the AW's critical power will increase.
Plains Walker
Evade ?? (L74) - During a successfull evade, at a certain probability the PW's critical chance will increase.
Treasure Hunter
Evade ?? (L74) - During a successful evade, at a certain probability the TH's attack speed will increase.

All dagger classes:
Shadow step (L72) - Teleport to a target within 900 range.

All Kamael
Fast Recovery (L43) - +HP/CP/MP regeneration.
Health Reconstruction (L52) - Recover 100% HP, consumes 5 souls long cooldown.
Health Reinforcement (L55) - Heal and Increase a % of the parties HP, consumes 10 souls.
Soul Breaker
Soul Web (L62) - Reduce the targets movement speed, consumes 5 souls.
Forgotten Trap (L64) - ???
Implant Doom Seed (L68) - upon growth target is unable to use magic or physical skills.
Soul Breaker/Inspector
Forget Pain (L58) - Prevent damage for a peroid of time, when the effect wears off the target is weakened.
Master of Magic (L40) - Increase casting speed, reduce cooldown time of skills.

Repair Golem (L40) - Powerful Heal for constructs
Power Golem (L43) - Increase construct attack power and attack speed.
Golem Armor Plating (L40) - Increase construct pdef and max hp.
The following Warsmith skills have a 10 minute duration and can only be used on up to 3 items at a time
Sharpen Edges (L49) - Enhance the effectiveness of bladed weapons.
Spike Thorns (L49) - Enhance the attack effectiveness of blunt weapons.
Strengthen Bow String (L49) - Enhance the effectiveness of bow/cross bow weapons.
Scaled Armor (L46) - Enhance the effectiveness of heavy armor.
Hard Tanning (L46) - Enhance the effectiveness of light armor.
Imbroider Garments (L46) - Enhance the effectiveness of Robes
Summon Merchant Golem (L52) - Costs 5 D crystals, sets up a stationry shop for the war smith.

Mana Steal (this is a buff that cuases damage done from melee attacks to steal MP from the target and give it to the attacker)

New skills given to the following classes:

Bounty Hunter and Maestro: Fatal Strike
Abyss Walker: Lure
Phantom Summoner: Death Spike (Max Power 65), Summon Cursed Bone, Curse: Poison

New Weapons and Armor for Pets
Jewelery for pets has been added to increase mdef.
When a Pet dies the time it takes for the pet to disappear was increased to 24 hours (real time).

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:05 AM | Message # 4
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
Status: Offline

PvP Reputation Points

Nobless characters who parti-_-'te in fortress or castle sieges, Underground Colloseum (Fantasy Isle), Olympiad, Festival of Darkness will gain PvP Reputation points, this value can be exchanged for items and effects:
PvP Weapon and Armor modifications.
Siege Items
Clan reputation
Removing PK count.
Siegefield changes
Registered attackers/defenders do not lose XP on death anymore due to PvP point system.
Repeated dying does not give death penalty but their combat ability will decline for the siege.
Using a scroll of courage on a siege field will now perform a ressurection effect upon death.

PVP - Flagged Time
Flagged time will be increased to 120 seconds, at which the last 20 seconds they will beign to flash.

[Attribute stones]
Defensive attribute applied to armor now gives +6 points per enchant and has a new max of L4 and 60 points.
Attribute stone success rate on armor was increased.
Different attribute can be used to increase defense of certin debuffs.
Previously enchanted armor will have its attribute corrected to the new system.

[Items & Equipment]

Crafting Adjustments
Crafted items now have a chance to making more then one item, they also have a chance of making a rare version of that item (altered stats and properties).
Rare items can be damaged through use but that damage can be repaired at the blacksmith.
Misc Stores and Smiths
Shadow A-Grade equipment can be bought from stores in town but cannot be augmented, strengthened or SA'd.
Items in all stores have had their prices reduced.
Stores that sell Normal C grade equipment now have Normal B grade items available for purchase.
B grade equipment and lower that is bought will be exchangeable via the blacksmith in town.
Some shops started selling Mirage headdress
Jewelry Augmentation
Earrings, necklaces, rings can now have special augmentations applied to them.
New herbs
New buff herbs drop in hunting zones and the duration has been increased to 5 minutes.
The new buffs from herbs eg. Vampire Herbs, Deadly herbs, Haste Herb.

Monsters below level 75 (Excluding Festial of Darkness and Seven Sign Dungeons) will now use soul shots and spirit shots to power their skills. They will also use new ranged defense skills at a certain probability to help avoid being kited around by players.
Item/XP/SP rewards from monsters using SS/SpS and ranged defense skills were increased.
All raid boss rewards were significantly increased.
Raid bosses once again drop many normal items in addition to life crystals.
Spell books that are normally buyable in NPC shops wont drop from monsters any more.
The loot table of all old monsters has been adjusted to include new items and item parts.

copied from

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:07 AM | Message # 5
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
Status: Offline
Vitality System

• 活力系統可讓玩家練功時得到額外獎勵經驗值
A system that adds bonus experience when killing monsters.

• 當玩家登入遊戲進入安全區,或是打死狩獵首領與頭目怪時,會獲得「活力點數」
When player log in to the game and is in the safe area, or when parti-_-'ting in killing raid monster, he/she will gain “vitality points”

• 累積活力點數可以提升活力系統的等級
Accumulating vitality points will increase the vitality system level

• 當玩家獵殺一般小怪時,則會消耗活力點數(然後獲得獎勵經驗值)
When players killing monsters, the vitality points will transfer into extract experience

• 角色的活力點數、活力等級、活力狀態資訊可透過角色視窗觀看
Vitality points, vitality system level, and vitality condition can be viewed in character status window

• 活力系統最多四階段(舉例:四階段可獲得四倍 EXP 、三階段三倍 EXPs)
Vitality system can be raised up the level 4 (for example, level 4 can gain 4 times experience, level 3 gain three times)

• 活力點數消耗公式是以獲得 EXP 量為基準,不會因時間而消耗掉
Vitality points consuming formula is based on experience amount, not based on time

Sorry about my translation skill.

If reading in my own language, what I think it means is the the increasing is based on the experence that you gain from killing monsters.

For example,
if you get 100 experences from killing A monster

with viliaty points, you will gain 100 + extract experiecne

so when your vility system level is 4, you might gain 300 experience (total possible increasing) instead of 100 for killing the same monster.

This is what I understand so far. Might be wrong @@""

• 在安全區大約八到九小時可提升一階段
Staying in safe area around 8~9 hours can raised up one level for vitality system (which means if I am busy, I can put my character in the safe area and will gain vitality points and raise up my vitality system level. When I come back and start killing monster, I will gain extract experiences).

• 打倒狩獵首領時會有系統訊息告知獲得多少額外點數
When killing raid monster, system will inform the player how much extract vitality points gained.

• 打倒狩獵首領比起掛網更容易獲得活力點數,點數獲取量與首領強度有關
Killing raid monster will gain more vitality points than simply stay in the safe area. Amount of vitality points will change according to the raid boss level.

• 韓測範例為打完四隻昇一級(對象不明)
In Korea test server, it will raise about one level after killing four raid boss (however, this information is not detailed clear)

• 活力系統 Lv.0 升級至 Lv.1 :經驗值提升 50%
Vitality system raise level 0 to level 1: experience will raised about 50%

• 活力系統 Lv.1 升級至 Lv.2 :經驗值提升 33%
Vitality system raise from level 1 to level 2: experience will raised about 33%

• 活力系統 Lv.2 升級至 Lv.3 :經驗值提升 25%
Vitality system raise level 2 to level 3: experience will raised about 25%

• 活力系統 Lv.3 升級至 Lv.4 :經驗值提升 20%
Vitality system raise level 3 to level 4: experience will raised about 50%

• 簡單計算,從零到四級活力,經驗值會變成原來的三倍!
Therefore, if your vitality system is level 4, the experience you gain from killing monsters will become about three times more then original.

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:07 AM | Message # 6
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
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Combat System

• 追加歌舞專用狀態欄位
Song and Dance buffs now have their own buff bar, the maximum is 12

• 所有玩家與怪物的近戰物理攻擊傷害全面提升
Players and monsters melee range physical attack will case more damages

• 近距離物理攻擊時,依照角色與攻擊目標所站的「方位」不同,會追加不同的額外獎勵傷害(背側擊 ?)
Melee range attack damage will influenced by the position or the players and monsters.

• 遠距離物理攻擊時,依照角色與攻擊目標所站的「距離」不同,會追加不同的額外獎勵傷害
Long range attack damage will influenced by the distance between the players and monsters.

Long range attack damage will be determined by the distance, attack power is stronger when the distance is farther. If the distance is too short, the damage will reduced to half or even one third.

• 毒與出血的傷害提升(DEBUFF實用化?)
Damage caused by poison and bleeding effect has been increased.

• 提升角色異常狀態抵抗力,可降低詛咒狀態的持續時間
Increase abnormal status resistance, which can reduce the time that player is affected by those abnormal status

• 大幅提昇 命中率 / 迴避率這兩個數值之間的影響力
Increase the influence between the accuracy and evasion.
For example, the treasure hunter, plainswalker, abyss walker (which has higher accuracy rate than other classes) already can feel the increasing in evasion rate.


(I will skip this part for now, it is difficult to translate them into English, I will need more time to look up those skill names (I know the skill names in my own language, but I sure do not know how each skill called in USA version). I will come back for this section later.


• 七封印與次元裂縫內 75 級以下怪物會機率性吃靈彈與魔彈攻擊,也會防禦遠距攻擊
Monsters in Necropolis, Catacomb, and Seven Signs Dungeon will now use soulshot and spiritshot when attacking the players, they will also defend long range attack.

• 擊倒以上行為模式的怪物,掉寶獎勵也會提升(又是一種實驗品?)
There will be extract item dropping from monsters who have above behavior.

• 全面提升狩獵首領與頭目的掉寶獎勵
Increasing the award for killing raid monsters.

• 打倒狩獵首領時也有機會獲得普通的一般物品
There will be chance to get normal items after killing raid monsters.

• 商店販賣的法書,怪物將停止掉落
Monsters will stop dropping skill books that are sold in the store.

• 一般怪物追加掉落新裝備與新物品
Monsters will drop new items and new equipment/weapons.

UBplanetDate: Sunday, 2008-05-25, 10:08 AM | Message # 7
Poorest guy in clan
Group: Clan Member
Messages: 620
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Hunting Area

Kamaluoka (translate based on the pronunciation, the actual name might be differ) Instant Time Dungeon.

• 追加「卡瑪洛卡、尼爾卡瑪洛卡、黎姆卡瑪洛卡」三個地監
There are three kinds of new dungeon: Kamaluoka, Nierkama ha, and Ha Limukama (translate based on the pronunciation, the actual names might be differ)

• 黎姆卡瑪洛卡是網咖專用地監
Ha Limukama Dungeon is specially designed for cyber caffee players. (Not very sure about what this means.)

• 新地監每日可進入一次,權限會在 PM 6:30 重置
Players and enter new dungeon once a day, the time will re-count at 6:00pm.
(One day means from 6:00pm to 6:00pm next day)

• 除了網咖地監外,其他兩個即時地監可透過村莊 NPC 申請進入
Beside the Ha Limukama Dungeon, players can apply for entrance to other two dungeons in village NPC.

• 每個村莊所屬的地監等級都不同
Dungeons located in different village are with different level.

Kamaluoka Dungeons

• 古鎮:20-35
Town of Gludio: Lv20~35

• 狄恩:20-40
Town of Dion: Lv20~40

• 海音:30-50
Heine: Lv30~50

• 修加特:45-75
Schuttgart: Lv45~75

• 魯因:55-80
Rune: Lv55~80

Nierkama ha Dungeons

• 古鎮:18-31
Town of Gludio: Lv18~31

• 狄恩:28-41
Town of Dion: Lv28~41

• 海音:38-51
Heine: Lv38~51

• 歐瑞:48-61
Town of Oren: 48~61

• 修加特:58-71
Schuttgart: Lv58~71

• 魯因:68-78
Rune: Lv68~78

Cruma Tower

• 提升怪物掉寶獎勵
Increase the award dropping by kicking monsters

• 56 級以上角色無法進入(就兩個設定,值得放在 Preview Site = =?)
Players above Lv56 cannot enter.

Monster behaviors

• 地監怪物將加強「遠離所在地後會強制回家」的判定(再次打壓槍團?)
When the monsters in Necropolis and Catacomb are lure away from the original location, they are more easily to go back.

Hunting ground renewal

• 賽勒諾斯兵營、無法者森林、野獸庭園全面翻新
Varka Silenos Outpost, Outlaw Forest, and Garden of Beasts will be renewed

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