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Heroes & Olympiad
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A player who has recorded the highest score in each class in the Grand Olympiad, a Player vs. Player tournament played among the Noblesse, is conferred the title of Hero. Heroes are awarded exclusive weapons, skills, abilities and a distinct aura.

Hero Abilities

Heroes are able to chat in a special channel (%). This chat font color is sky blue and is displayed to all players on the server. Heroes are only able to speak in the global channel once every 10 seconds. It is possible to turn Hero Voice on and off in the chat message options.

Determining the Hero

Following a month-long PvP competition, the Hero is selected according to Olympiad points, and the Hero retains the title throughout the duration of the next month’s competition. The Hero is determined on the first day of every month.

The Hero will be the individual who has accumulated the most Olympiad points according to their main class, has competed more than 9 times in that period, and claimed at least 1 victory. The Hero will be placed in stand-by mode and exclusive abilities and weaponry are removed after the one month period.

For example, even if a player has accumulated the most Olympiad points in the current period, if he has competed less than 9 times or has never claimed a victory, he is ineligible to become a Hero; it is possible that periods may pass without a Hero being designated.

When two players with the same class have accumulated identical Olympiad points, the one who has competed most will be designated Hero.

When there are multiple 1st place winners from each class, the character that has won the most games becomes a Hero. When the number of games won is the same, then the character who has the highest winning percentage becomes a Hero. When Olympiad points, number of wins, and winning percentage are all the same, then there will be no Hero in each class.

Rank Confirmation

All Noblesse have access to the top 10 ranking of the last period’s Olympiad results. Those who have competed on less than four occasions will be excluded from the ranking. In the list, the Olympiad point value, which determines the final standing, will not be revealed. Only the character names are listed on the ranking. In cases where players have accumulated identical points, up to 15 individuals with equal points can be displayed.

Grand Olympiad

The Grand Olympiad is a one-on-one PvP competition held to determine the Hero. It is held in one month periods, and at the end of each period, the Noblesse with the most Olympiad points in each class is appointed Hero. Only Noblesse who have completed the third class transfer can participate in the Olympiad competition.

Competition Method

The Olympiad is classified into two competitions: the class competition and the non-class competition. Only members of a certain class can partake in class competitions. There are no class restrictions for participating in non-class competitions.

Competitors will be matched randomly and summoned to the coliseum for competition. Instructions will be regularly provided through system messages, starting 30 seconds before being summoned to the coliseum. The summoned competitors are allotted 60 seconds of preparation time. The coliseum will then transform into a battlefield and the competition will begin.

Before the competition begins, HP, MP, and CP are all recovered and the pre-existing buffs and debuffs will be removed. Any summoned pets will be returned, but the servitors/cubics will accompany the player to the coliseum. When being moved to the Olympiad Stadium in the middle of summoning a servitor or cubic, the skill in use is terminated automatically. The summoner’s buffs will also dissolve before the start of the competition. A buff is provided in games between players of the same class and a Noblesse Gate Pass is rewarded to the winner.

The maximum competition time is 6 minutes, and the player whose HP drops to 0 first will lose. If no victor has emerged at the 6 minute mark, the character who has inflicted the most damage will be determined the winner. The damage inflicted on an opponent's servitor is not considered in this determination.

Olympiad Points

At the end of competition, if a character has accumulated more than 50 Olympiad points, they can be exchanged for Noblesse Gate Passes. The rate of exchange is 1,000 Noblesse Gate Passes for 1 Olympiad point. For example, while 50 Olympiad points is exchangeable for 50,000 Noblesse Gate Passes, and 49 Olympiad points are not worth any Noblesse Gate Passes.

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