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Sub class system
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Leveling your character is only the beginning. A whole new class rewards your efforts!

At level 75, players can perform Mimir's Elixir quest and seek out the master for the available class of their choice to create an additional job class.

The only classes that don't mix are opposing Elf races, overlord and warsmith classes, or any similar classes. See the Available Classes page for more information about the class combinations that are available.

To begin your journey for a subclass, speak to Magister Ladd of the Ivory Tower.

Once your subclass has reached level 75, you are ready to start on the path to become a Noblesse.


When you finish Mimir's Elixir quest, you can go to each occupation grand master and select a subclass. If you select a subclass, level, and first ability value, the skills are changed to the character with a level 40 in the subclass. (Please note that in some cases you may not able to move due to weight restrictions when switching classes.)

You can freely switch the main class and subclass at level 75 through the village NPC.

If you increase one subclass to level 75, you can select up to two other subclasses. There is no time limit or number of times that you can switch classes.

When switching classes, buff state and symbols are not maintained. Your character's property, PvP/PK counter, information related to the clans and sieges, recommendation value and number of votes, friends list, party information, numeric value related to the Seven Signs, and quest information are retained. Warehouse and inventory are also shared.

When removing an existing subclass, you will choose the new subclass to replace the old one. The new subclass begins at level 40. If you are a Noblesse, you will remain a Noblesse when you replace an existing subclass.

Subclass Restrictions

If the race of your main class is Elf or Dark Elf, you may not select each class as a subclass to the other class, and you may not select Overlord and Warsmith class as a subclass. You may not select a similar class as the subclass. Please see this list for more information about subclasses that are available for specific classes.

Noblesse and Heroes

Subclasses are connected to the Noblesse and Hero systems. You can begin your path to the Noblesse only when one or more subclasses reach level 75.

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