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Castle Structures
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Castle Functions
The castle is a structure which exists within each territory of the Lineage II world. By owning a castle, a clan retains central political and economic control through the collection of taxes in the territory.

Once a castle is occupied, just as with a clan hall, the clan can use the clan warehouse and can use gatekeepers to move between the inner and outer castle.

By default, the lord of the castle solely exercises all of the functions of the castle. However, the castle lord may temporarily hand over the right to use certain functions to members of his own clan or other alliance members by using the rights delegation system in the Clan Actions window.

The castle lord can adjust the tax rates for shops within the territory, as well as collect the taxes from the Grand Chamberlain. Because Aden Castle is the central city of the Aden Kingdom, it not only receives taxes within the Aden territory, but it also receives some taxes from Gludio Castle, Oren Castle, Giran Castle, Dion Castle, and Innadril Castle. Rune Castle is the center of the Elmore kingdon, and receives taxes from Schuttgart Castle and Goddard Castle.

The lord of each castle can also manage a manor, selling seeds in the territory and carrying out productive activities with the seeds that are sold.

The lord also has the ability to fly through the sky on the back of a wyvern.

Structures of Gludio, Dion, Oren, Giran, and Innadril Castles
The restart point for the defending clan is in the inner castle living quarters.

The Holy Artifact is located in a chamber behind the throne room.

There is no passageway into the castle from outside the outer castle wall; however, there is an exit leading out of the castle, which can be utilized in defending.

Structure of Goddard Castle

Goddard Castle makes use of two artifacts. Divided into Altar of Water and Altar of Fire, those who succeed in engraving their seal onto the artifacts assume the castle lordship.

Unlike other castles, Goddard Castle is equipped with a rear door that is immune to attacks. This door shuts at the beginning of a siege and opens automatically upon its end.

Structure of Schuttgart Castle

Like Goddard, Schuttgart Castle uses two artifacts. Divided into Altar of Wind and Altar of Earth, those who succeed in engraving their seal onto the artifacts assume the castle lordship.

Structure of Rune Castle

Benom appears in the Rune Castle dungeon 24 hours before a siege war. The defending side can teleport to the dungeon and raid the monster until a siege begins.

If the defending side still hasn’t caught Benom before the siege war begins, Benom will appear near the throne in the inner castle when two or more Life Control Towers are destroyed in the middle of a siege. Benom will attack both the defending and attacking sides.

Structure of Aden Castle

The outer castle is designed with a double structure: A #1 outer castle wall, which is on the very outside, and a #2 outer castle wall inside of that. One can reach the inner castle only by passing through these two outer castle walls.

There is an entrance on the front side of the #1 outer castle wall. A certain place on the outer castle wall can be broken with a siege golem. In the #1 outer castle wall, there is a passageway to the outside of the castle.

There is an entrance on the #2 outer castle wall, as well as a certain place on the #2 outer castle wall, that can be broken down with a siege golem.

In some places between the #1 outer castle wall and the #2 outer castle wall, various kinds of traps can be set up through the guardian tower of flames. Other than that, the basic structure is the same as ordinary castles.

Flame Control Tower

A Flame Control Tower is a structure that activates the various facilities defending the castle. A certain amount of adena is required to activate these functions, which consist of a damage zone that continuously reduces HP and a slow zone that decreases movement speed. The strength of each of these functions is divided into four stages, depending on the adena invested. If the attacking side destroys a Flame Control Tower, the functions cease to be activated.

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