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Castle Siege
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By default, all castles are initially occupied by non-player character (NPC) clans.

When a player character (PC) clan defeats an NPC clan and occupies the castle, that castle becomes the possession of the PC clan. If a clan with ownership of a castle has been dissolved, the castle is returned to its initial state.

Only the castle lord may select a siege time. Selecting a siege time is done through the chamberlain NPC. Take care when choosing a siege time, as it cannot be changed once it is set.

Any lord occupying a castle must determine the next siege time within 24 hours of occupying the castle. If he/she does not select a time, the siege time is automatically set by the game for two weeks after the castle has been occupied -- on the same day of the week. (All sieges occur during the weekend in real-time.)

A castle does not receive damage from any form of attack until the next siege time. The next castle siege time is either Saturday or Sunday, two weeks after the castle has been occupied. A clan that has successfully occupied a castle may safely possess the castle for up to 15 days.


Sieges are the most ambitious aspects of Lineage II, so their scale and systems are exciting factors in the game. Clans that have reached level 4 can occupy a castle and enjoy the fame and riches therein. Once they own a castle, clans can exercise tremendous influence in terms of tax rate adjustments and political activities.

Siege Overview
Sieges take place at the castles of Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle, Oren Castle, Innadril Castle, Goddard Castle, Schuttgart Castle, Rune Castle, and Aden Castle. There are also unique clan halls where ownership is acquired by battle with NPCs.

Only clans of level 4 and above can officially participate in a siege. Clans that are less than level 4 or players not belonging to a clan may still participate as non-related parties, but they do not have the right to own a castle.

Unless the castle is captured by a clan, it remains in NPC control.

If there is a PC clan that defeats the NPC clan and occupies the castle according to the rules of the siege, the castle becomes the property of that PC clan.

The very first castle lord must, within 24 hours of becoming castle lord, designate the time for the next siege. If this is not done, the default siege time will be applied automatically.

If a clan that occupies a castle is dissolved, the castle returns to its initial status.

Siege Registration - Attackers
The challenging clan leader must have earned the level 4 clan skill Seal of Ruler in order to take control of a castle. The clan leader must visit the siege registration NPC near the castle to sign up for the siege.

Siege Registration - Defenders
Any clans that wish to aid in defending the castle must register their clan as defenders.

Each clan wishing to participate must be a level 4 clan. To participate as a defender in a siege, talk to the registration NPC outside the castle gates. (The castle lord must approve participation.) The castle lord may approve and finalize the siege defender participant list up to 24 hours before the siege begins.

The clan occupying the castle does not have to register -- it is automatically listed on the siege list and cannot be taken off of the list.

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