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Forum » Our Space » Library » Castle Siege 2 (A Siege Begins/Siege Rulls)
Castle Siege 2
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A siege begins at the designated siege time. When the siege begins:

The castle itself and its surrounding areas are designated as the battlefield.

Some of the NPCs in and around the castle temporarily suspend their functions during a siege.

When an attacker dies, he/she restarts in the town second closest to the castle during a siege.

When the siege begins, all characters within the castle walls not listed on the defender list are transported to the second nearest town.

All castle gates will automatically be shut.


During a siege, participants are classified into three categories: Attacker, Castle Defense, and Unlisted (or Open Target). They are further sorted into sub-categories: Friendly Forces, Enemies, and No Relationship. These relationships may change during the course of a siege.

Siege Combat

Attackers and castle defenders are enemies. Allies to each clan are friendly forces.

Clans on the attacker side that have not allied with each other have no relationship. Characters not registered as an attacker or defender in a siege are considered to have no relationship if they wander onto the battlefield.

You do not have to press the Ctrl key to attack an enemy or no relation character. The player killer (PK) counter is not activated when a player kills another player within the battlefield. Thus, during a siege, players do not become chaotic even if they kill another player.

For a certain amount of time, the battle status of the participants remains even when they step outside the battlefield. There are no PK penalties during that time.

When a player is killed within the battlefield, there are some experience penalties, but there is no chance of dropping items. All attackers and defenders will receive 1/4 of the normal experience penalty on death inside and outside of the battlefield during the castle siege. Non-registered players will receive 1/4 of the normal experience penalty on death only inside of the battlefield during the castle siege. If a non-registered player dies outside of the battlefield, that character will receive full penalty.

Clans defending the castle may restart either from the residence region within the castle or the second nearest town to the castle. This applies to not only the clan possessing the castle but also all other clans that are listed on the defender list.

Castle Gates

Castle gates become attack targets during a siege. They may only be attacked during siege times.

Castle gates cannot be strengthened during a siege; however, the castle lord may strengthen them prior to the siege via the Chamberlain.

Castle gates that have been destroyed may not be repaired during a siege.

Castle gates are opened again when the owner of a castle changes. However, the castle gates' HP is significantly decreased until the siege ends. Once the siege has ended, the doors return to full health.

Siege Headquarters

The Build Headquarters skill is obtained by the clan leader when the clan reaches level 4. This skill establishes an encampment near the castle/battlefield. It allows clan members to restart at that site (not at the second closest town) and regenerate HP and MP faster than they would normally.

This skill may only be used by clan leaders on the siege's attacker list and consumes 300 Gemstone C when cast. This skill may be used only within a designated area of the battlefield, and can only be used once during the siege period.

A siege encampment disappears when the siege period is over.

The headquarters flag also has a certain HP and can be attacked. If the flag falls, members of the clan restart from the second nearest town upon their deaths.

Ending a Siege

A siege lasts for two hours. If an attacking clan leader successfully engraves his/her name on the holy artifact with the Seal of Ruler skill, the artifact recognizes the new controlling clan. This takes time, however, and the clan leader may not be interrupted while engraving the artifact. Only the clan leader may interact with the holy artifact. Clan leaders that are allied with the defense side may not interact with the holy artifact.

The changing of the holy artifact's owner before the end of the siege is termed 'mid-victory'. When the attacking side achieves a mid-victory, the attackers and defenders change sides. All matters of the clan that had previously owned the castle, including the restart point, are transferred to the new defending clan.

The Headquarters of a clan that has newly occupied the castle disappears. When mid-victory occurs, all players, excluding the new castle defense clan's allies, are sent to their restart points.

If the clan that had previously occupied the castle has never raised a Headquarters before, the clan may establish a flag on the battlefield.

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Forum » Our Space » Library » Castle Siege 2 (A Siege Begins/Siege Rulls)
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